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The Lesser Evil

To start with--I'm not going to apologize for my post yesterday. I have an opinion, a lot of folks don't seem to agree with it, and that's OK with me.

That said, today's Gospel, Luke 11:29-32 is one that most fundamentalists would really sink their teeth into, especially the passage where Christ speaks of an "evil generation". Likely they would trot out their "laundry list" of evils; abortion, birth control, homosexuality, etc. They also may reinforce their notion that the world itself is an evil place. Now I admit that there is evil in the world, but that does not make the world as a whole evil.

But so many of the "evils" that fundamentalists speak of are more personal and perhaps even doctrinal. There are greater evils that are too often ignored by the fundamentalists; poverty, war, environmental destruction, etc.

Perhaps it's because these "evils", are more complex. They don't simplify into the black and white worldview that many fundamentalists create; are there situations when war is justified, what is the best way to help the poor, how do we protect the planet? These can't be answered by "right or wrong".

Another factor is that to deal with some of these evils, one may need to change themselves. To deal with the environment for instance, one may need to confront the American "culture of consumption"; to deal with poverty, one may need to deal with the issue of population, or confront the growing power of corps and their CEO's.

And that may be the main reason fundamentalists find it hard to deal with society's "greater evils", they may have to bite the hands that feed them.
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