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The Enemy?

Ok, I have to admit that, since I started doing these little commentaries (that I may look at continuing beyond Easter), I've been thinking a lot about how I can better live as a progressive Christian. So today's Gospelreading from the book of Matthew really has me thinking.

To start with; many of the Fundamentalists, who seem to think anyone who falls outside their circle is an "enemy" need to heed this reading. As the gospel of exclusion that many of them practice, like many fundamentalist ideas, runs counter to the words of Christ.

But what of me? Am I to pray that fundamentalists see how they are following a gospel of hate and exclusion, as opposed to the message of love and tolerance that Christ brought to the world. How do I best show them this, or do I?

I started doing these with the idea of making others think a bit. I never expected that I'd be the one thinking too. But this is not necessarily a bad thing, someone told me I needed to look inward a bit, and so I am.
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