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xtianfarleft's Journal

The Christians on the Far Left
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Yes, it should be "xianfarleft", but I made a typo when creating the community, and now we all have to live with it. Sorry!)

This community is intended for that far left arm of Christianity. Included are Christian Anarchists;, Christian Socialists; Catholic Workers; lefty activists; those who work against racism, sexism, heterosexism, homophobia, and classism; those who recognize their own privilege, be it white, male, class, straight, etc.; Christians who fight anti-semitism; Christians who are anti-war; those who work to end the occupation of Palestine; and anyone who self-identifies as a Christian, but doesn't fit in with the mainline model. Oh, and if you don't directly fit any of the previous descriptions, but think they are cool.

Things that are allowed, and even encouraged in this community:

- Discussion, even heated discussion
- Debate, even heated debate
- Questions
- Hard questions
- Answers
- Hard answers
- Calling others out on their privilege
- Discussion of politics, especially as regards to faith
- Advertising events that are within the scope of these topics

Things that are not allowed in this community:

- Ad hominem attacks of any kind
- Proselytizing of any kind
- Telling someone that they are "not really a Christian", or are not "Christian enough"
- Posts that are clearly off-topic
- Advertising anything else, unless first approved by a mod

We can't and won't police the way people talk to each other, with the few exception above. We do ask that members try to keep to the basics of civility by keeping personal attacks out of discussions. If you think a member is behaving in a way that needs mod attention, please contact the mods immediately, and let us decide how to handle it.

We recognize that the concept of "tone" and "anger" in discussion can be used as a way to silence the voice of the oppressed. Saying that the other person is "too angry", or their "tone" is accusatory is your privilege biting you in the ass. If that happens, back down, and listen to what the other person is really saying, instead of listening and criticizing how they're saying it. (This section up for revision ASAP, as soon as I am thinking coherent thoughts!)

This community is brand-new, and therefore under construction. We reserve the right to amend these things as the community grows.

Other communities that I suggest for education in some issues that will come up in this community are:

- debunkingwhite
- debunkingmale
- debunkingclass
- feminist_101 (for the basics)
- feminist (for those who have already done work on undoing oppression)
- free_palestine