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Whatsoever You Do. . .

Today's Gospel reading is a favorite of my Aunt's friend and likely more than a few folks in this community.

Matthew, Chapter 25, Verses 31-46 is an account of how the last judgment will be conducted, and the criteria for whether one is to spend eternity in bliss or damnation is "whatever you do for one of these least brothers".

And in this regard is where it seems to me that many Christians fail. They either see poverty as a sign of moral failure, much like how in Christ's time illness was seen as a sign of sin. Or they will feed the hungry, etc, but not ask why they are hungry.

And the asking why they are hungry, naked, etc is what Christ seems to have done often. The New Testament is full of Christ rebuking and condemning the powerful elites of his day. Unfortunately, the officials many Christians support based on one issue are pursuing policies that benefit the elites of out time, as opposed to the masses that were the base of the proto-Christian community.

One near constant theme of Lent is to "do a little more", perhaps those folks who are giving money to help the poor should consider giving a bit to groups working for the poor as well.
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