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Practice What You Preach?

Ok. I have been keeping up with the readings for Lent, just haven't had time to make posts as often as I'd like. We've kinda had a "spike" at FedEx Ground, and I've been "on a roll" of sorts with my self-paced and self-taught C#/MySql programming studies.

But yesterday's readings were for the feast of St. Joseph. Now the Homily did speak a lot of obedience, which has always been an enigma for me. We were given free will, but are urged at all times to surrender this to God. Why would we be given a gift and then basically be asked to return it?

But then there's another conundrum I see. The Catholic Church, of which I am a member (at least for the time being), puts the Virgin Mary in high regard, but it's record on women leaves a lot to be desired.

Be it an all-male clergy, the celibate priesthood, or the Pope's recent comments on condoms; Catholics seem to be sending the message that while they seem to hold a woman in high regard, that they're best left in the background.

Just thought that I'd put my $.02 in.
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